Yoga Unlimited, Leslie Hanks RYT 500

Hatha Yoga and Teacher Training, Ayurvedic Counseling and Meditation
Leslie Hanks, Yoga Unlimited

Leslie Hanks, RYT 500, Yoga Unlimited

Leslie Hanks’ Yoga Unlimited, RYS 200, is a nationally registered Hatha Yoga School which offers comprehensive programs for all students as well as those who would like to become registered Hatha Yoga Instructors, RYT 200 (Registry 2004).

In this beautiful garden setting, gentle, classical, traditional yoga is always taught with an emphasis on meditation. Beginning and experienced students can learn basic yoga and meditation practices in either Group or Private Classes. Beginners are especially welcome. Yoga programs also include the Yoga Cooking Class (Vegetarian, East Indian cooking).

Daylong retreat programs of Yoga & Ayurveda, the perfect combination, called “An Ideal Day” are offered, including “Meditation–the Timeless Art,” “Yoga for Restful Sleep,” “Yoga for Healthy Sinus and Strong Lungs,” “Yoga for Excellent Digestion,” “The Yoga Home Gym™,” and many more listed at www.

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