William E. Cooper, M.Th.

Meditation and Dialogues for Awakening

William E. Cooper, M.Th.

 William E. Cooper offers meditation in Tallahassee; free or by donation depending on expenses. All experience levels welcome.  Many have found these groups to be life changing.

Each meeting is a blend of dialogues for understanding and meditation for experiencing. William finds this combination to be one of the most powerful and effective ways to happiness, peace, clarity, and knowing your Self. It is, also, a potent and tangible way to dissolve hurts, fears, and discontent that often block, distract, and inhibit us in our life…and, then, there are the health benefits. Come and see!

William has been to India 12 times, around 3 months per visit, to delve deeply with various awakened masters. As a former licensed psychotherapist (LPC, LMFT), he is interested in blending the best of the East and West. He has written a good bit on the subject which is available to all as a support. For more info, his writings, meditation instructions, meeting times, his biography, and various resources, go to www.williamecooper.wordpress.com

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