No-Needle Acupuncture and Hair Toxicity Analysis
A. Lynn Dolson, MD, DABMA

Everyday we run a risk of an injury or illness. Lynn offers No-Needle Acupuncture as a tool to restore health and balance, and Hair Toxicity Analysis to help determine the presence of toxins in the body which can cause long-term illnesses. This is especially helpful for people with symptoms that have eluded primary care providers.

Lynn feels that it is very important to find the underlying reasons for illness, and encourages autism spectrum or dementia spectrum patients to have a Hair Toxicity test. She encourages you to question any diagnosis you receive, and seek alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

No-Needle Acupuncture uses 24-kt gold hypoallergenic patches placed on essential channels of your body to balance and cleanse the toxins and injuries. This will continue to balance the body everyday, as the patches stay on the skin for up to 2 weeks.  

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