Valerie Sanchez

Certified Nia Technique® Blue Belt Instructor and Certified Corporate Wellness Coach
Valerie Sanchez, Groove and Wellness LLC

Valerie Sanchez, Groove and Wellness LLC

Valerie’s innovative and artistic approach towards personal development and fitness will activate you and inspire you to live a more motivated, authentic and empowered life. 

For starters, she will help you reshape the way you think and feel about “fitness,” so you redefine “fit” and it feels personal. Her classes are very adaptable and participants from all ability levels always leave feeling like they’ve succeeded. If you are in leadership, are an entrepreneur, artist and/or community builder, you will especially love her Nia® classes because she will teach you how to workout from the inside out. She’ll encourage you to take care of yourself first- so you can better serve others. 

“My ultimate goal is to offer a unique fitness experience that feels integrated, conscious and whole. I want you to leave my classes feeling alive in your body and I want you to develop a positive relationship with fitness in general. Together, we can make your wellness journey purposeful and meaningful.”