Roy Abarbanel, PT

Physical Therapy
Roy Abarbanel, PT

Roy Abarbanel, PT

In Roy Abarbanel’s 26 years of physical therapy practice, he has learned that all cells of the human body have awareness and communicate with each other. Physical therapy accesses the body’s healing mechanisms by initiating the flow of bio-energy to bring the body back into harmony. Myofascial Release, Unwinding and Rebounding, and skilled Joint Mobilization are used to create a sense of well-being and control.

Roy uses his manual skills and the magic of touch to “talk” to the patient’s body. A healing dialog is developed between patient and therapist. Intuition and pain-free movements are used to access the body’s “deeper wisdom.” From this point, the body finds its way back to optimal health as traumas are released and injuries are resolved.

Initial consultations are free, and Roy will come to your home to provide therapy once a care plan is agreed upon.

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2927 Sharer Road, Tallahassee, FL 32312

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