Patrice Bullock, MSN, FNP

Nurse Practitioner, Functional Medicine
Patrice Bullock, MSN, FNP

Patrice Bullock, MSN, FNP

Nurse Practitioner Functional Medicine prepared to prevent, reduce and/or help heal illness or disease instead of just using medication.

NEW GENESIS CENTER: a healthcare center using nutrition, life changes, and mind-body-spirit.

Functional Medicine healthcare consultations: one-on-one attention in making changes to remedy the health problem or disease process for all ages. Strong and focused information and support to help the individual understand why and how these changes help the body to heal are important parts of the care/guidance. Couples/pairs or group health programs such as the highly successful detox program “Transform in 21!”

Other services: massage therapy, digestion programs, colon (colonic) therapy, stress reduction, menopause, detox programs, hormone testing, Far-Infrared sauna, and weight loss.

Professional skincare consultations and treatments using medical-grade skincare with botanical-based products.

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