Paige Apgar, CPC, EEM-AP

Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner
Paige Apgar Continentino, CPC, EEM-CLP

Paige Apgar, CPC, EEM-AP

Paige’s focus is on deep healing through various levels and layers of Energy Work, though she also blends in EFT, Mindfulness and Transformational Coaching techniques to help you radically reduce stress and reclaim your vibrant, healthy glow!

Beginning with an assessment of your energy systems, we work together on correcting underlying imbalances that have manifested through physical or emotional symptoms. Through a process of “peeling away the layers” of old patterns and habits, her clients generally experience relief of physical and emotional symptoms, as well as a deeper sense of self, improved relationships, greater life satisfaction and soul-level healing.

Join Paige to find out why thousands of people worldwide love Energy Medicine! Paige is trained in Eden Energy Medicine, EFT, Transformational Life Coaching, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. She has been working with energy techniques since 2005 and practicing meditation since 1995.

Contact Info

Abundance Wellness Center, 325 John Knox Road, Bldg. T, Tallahassee, FL 32303
(347) 724-2254
paige@soulslightenergyhealing. com
www.soulslightenergyhealing. com

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