Michelle Sullivan

Pure Bliss

Michelle Sullivan, Pure Bliss

Owner and Founder of Pure Bliss; a body, mind, and soul lifestyle approach to healing; as all energy fields are interconnected and should be worked on simultaneously to hold frequencies of higher consciousness.

Her focus is on empowering you with the knowledge of healthy spiritual living along with a combination of modalities: Reiki, Kinesiology, QiGong, DNA Activations, Chakra Alignments, Toning, Sound Frequencies, Crystals, Violet Fire, Elementals, Sacred Geometry, Mudras, Breathing Techniques, Guided Meditations, Past Life Regressions, Akashic Records, Totem Animals, Anti-Aging, Nutrition, Holistic Medicine, Herbology, Raw Diets, Heavy Metal Detox, Spiritual Life Coaching, Parapsychology, Exorcisms, Universal Laws, Metaphysical Workshops, and the like.

The body can heal itself with proper alignments and daily routine. This allows the abundance of unconditional love to flow freely through your heart as it is your divine birthright to be blissful at all times and free from pain.