Mary Beth McBride

Integrated Holistic Care Healer/Physician Assistant
Mary Beth McBride

Mary Beth McBride, Open Fields Healing

Mary Beth McBride’s work involves clearing, charging, balancing, and strengthening the subtle energy field. This creates both a grounded and spacious physical, emotional, spiritual life.

She offers cellular-level healing, assisting in the removal of familial energy patterning. Energy levels increase, held tensions release, low energy blocks are removed, emotional confusion clears, and spiritual connections amplify.

Sessions include a teaching component for energetic self-care. This energetic work supports other healing modalities, including allopathic medicine.


  • Level III Trainer/Trauma Tension Release Exercises: TRE® (2015)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Educator/Jon Kabat-Zinn (2010)
  • Compassion Fatigue Educator/Green Cross (2009)
  • Integrated Kabbalistic Healing (2003)
  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing (1997)
  • Emory School of Medicine (1979)
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