Marghi McClearn

Ageless Grace Brain Body Fitness
B.A. Music Education, Ageless Grace Educator & Trainer

Marghi McClearn, Marghi’s Joy LLC

After 31 years of teaching music in the Elementary Schools, Marghi retired to pursue her passion for improving quality of life through the practice of Music and Movement.
Marghi is White Belt/Green Belt Nia Certified as well as a certified Ageless Grace Trainer and Educator.

Currently, Ageless Grace® – “21 Simple ‘Tools’ for Lifelong Comfort and Ease” is the primary tool Marghi uses to create joyful, engaging and dynamic classes for children, adults and seniors.

Based on the science of neuroplasticity, the movement tools of Ageless Grace re-open neural pathways, as well create new ones. This is vital to active aging and youthful function! Playful, fun, creative and easy to learn – Ageless Grace improves the brain/body ability to live full and functional lives. Benefits include Spinal flexibility, joint mobility, balance, strength, right-left brain coordination and stress reduction.

Another aspect of Marghi’s work is called “Magical Child” Please see website for more details.