A. Lynn Dolson, MD, DABMA

Transformational and Integrative Medicine
A. Lynn Dolson, MD, DABMA

A. Lynn Dolson, MD, DABMA

MD, UF Board Certification: Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology, and Medical Acupuncture. Completed: Integrative Medicine Fellowship (Univ. of Arizona). Certified in Professional Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Dolson’s understanding of disease spans the physical with Western medicine, to the structural with Applied Kinesiology; CranioSacral therapy and Osteopathic medicine; to the energetic with acupuncture, Quantum Neurology, Biomagnetism and herbal medicine; to the biochemical with nutrition and Autonomic Response testing; and the vibrational with homeopathy, hypnosis, microBioenergetics, and insight.

Only the body heals itself, and it naturally tends to health. Dr. Dolson assists by removing barriers and helping address the root cause. Health is a side effect of personal alignment and purpose. Ultimately, disease is seen as an opportunity for transformation.

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