Lydia Riedell, LMT

Harmonic Soundscapes for Personal and Planetary Healing
Lydia Riedell, LMT

Lydia Riedell, LMT

Harmonic frequencies have the power to heal our deepest wounds, ignite our spirit, transform consciousness, and align body, mind and spirit with the balanced harmonies and rhythms of the Universe. These generative healing frequencies are created from an assortment of instruments that, when played together purposely with intention, offer an opportunity for recipients to re-align physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects with the balanced aspects of nature and the Universe.

Lydia employs Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Bells, Chimes, Drums, and Voice to create unique Harmonic Soundscapes. Soundscapes may be created for individuals and groups to assist in both personal and planetary shifts during these evolutionary times.
Lydia works with poets, storytellers, musicians, and other creative individuals/organizations to bring forth their gifts with the accompaniment of Harmonic Sound! Harmonic blessings of gardens, home, family, friends, and marriages are also offered.

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