Linda Schuyler Ford, TRD

Applied Storytelling, Story Retreats, & Storytelling Education

Linda Schuyler Ford, Applied Storytelling

Linda Schuyler Ford, storyteller and therapeutic recreation director, combines her careers as both a spoken word artist, and a leisure services provider to create healing story retreats and workshops that help reframe difficult situations, reset perspectives, and broaden awareness.

Linda offers a caregivers’ retreat entitled Five Smooth Stones, as well as comprehensive “storycare” training entitled Living (and Aging) Out Loud, for interdisciplinary long term care teams. Also available, Story-based activities for people living with Alzheimer’s disease, social justice and human services programs, and women’s retreats. All are rooted in storytelling.

Linda is sought after as a warm-hearted, supportive and lively facilitator, providing storytelling concerts, retreats, and performances from Key West to Boston.