Jacob Liskowiak D.C.

Applied Kinesiology Chiropractor

Jacob Liskowiak D.C.

Applied Kinesiology is a healing system that utilizes muscle testing to look at the body and the nervous system in a very unique way. Dr. Jacob thinks of it as a way to ask the body what needs attention.

A session typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half. He uses muscle testing to check the immune system, the endocrine system and the digestive system, and he does body work and reflex work to restore balance to any areas in need. He checks to see if any foods or nutritional deficiencies are causing problems. Then, at the end of the session, he does very thorough structural work with special attention to muscle balance and alignment of all joints.

It has always been his goal to empower each patient with the knowledge and ability to keep themselves healthy, and in eight years of practice, he has found many ways to do so.

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2180 A1A South, suite 204 Saint Augustine, FL 32080
(904) 460-3456

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