Dr. Dorothy (Dottie) Whitlow-Malin

Improving Movement & Mobility Specialist
Connie Williams

Dr. Dottie Whitlow

Dr. Dottie is a certified Trainer and Specialist in Neuroplasticity-based mobility training systems. In her teaching, she applies the principles of Neuromuscular Re-Education, as developed through the Z-Health system (brain-based training for improved movement and athletic performance), Redcord (neuromuscular workout designed to activate dormant muscles while alleviating tension on overworked muscles), and Body ‘n Brain Yoga: Solar Body Natural Healing.

Her fitness classes are non-strenuous and appropriate for people of ALL ages, including those in their 90’s. Brain-based and Neuroplasticity-based fitness use movement and sensory input to the brain to Improve Movement and Mobility, improve sleep and Reduce Pain. Her fitness classes improve and expand the ability to move better, easier and to reduce, minimize, or eliminate pain; they include features of brain research from The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge.

She teaches the following adult and senior classes in Tallahassee, FL:

  • Improving Movement & Mobility (based on Z-Health)
  • Ageless Grace® – “21 Simple ‘Tools’ for Lifelong Comfort and Ease”
  • Aerobic Dance

Please visit her website www.Movemore.net  (green button link) for more information.

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(770) 713-2658

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