Carlos A. Ayala

Internal Body Cleansing and Detox
Carlos A. Ayala

Carlos A. Ayala, Director, Ayala International

Colonic Irrigation, Internal Body Cleansing and Detox Programs Specialist with more than 35 yrs. experience in practice, 16 yrs. in Tallahassee. Instructor National Board Cert. NCBTMB 296521-00, NBCHT F-CA 203020 Ayala International believes in the value of good health. Their mission echoes their conviction that good health is a treasure unlike any other, and although it is an intangible asset and hardly quantifiable, health is wealth nonetheless. As such, they believe that it is the duty of each person to possess and protect this wealth with vigor. We all owe it to ourselves to nurture our bodies by properly nourishing and supporting them.

The mission of Ayala International is to share the wealth of good health. They subscribe to a health philosophy that extols wellness through a balanced life, inner cleansing and supplementation, and nutritional fortification with organic sources of food. Everyone must take these three necessary steps to reclaim and maintain their health.

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2719 Blairstone Lane, Tallahassee 32301
(fax) 775-854-7806

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