Amy McDowell, MS

Energy Healing

Amy McDowell, MS

Amy McDowell offers energy healing through systems including the chakras, meridians, five elements, and basic grid. Specializing in issues such as stress release, self-care, and fertility, she offers a safe space to balance energy, to restore flow, and to deepen into the body’s natural state of wellness.

With respect & awe for the vast wisdom of the body, Amy offers resources to empower clients and students to live fully in alignment with their own wholeness and vitality. As clients are partners in the work, the healing process includes simple home care exercises designed to awaken energetic flow, boost immune function, reduce stress, and increase overall vitality & connection.

In teaching and workshops, Amy creates a supportive learning environment for students to learn new skills as well as to deepen personally in their healing journey.

Available for private sessions, distance sessions, workshops, & Foundations Classes in Florida.

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