Spiritual Counseling in Our New World by Vickie Spray

Vickie Spray: Spiritual Counseling in the New World

Traditional therapy, a much-needed service to assist humans to understand themselves, has opened the way for spiritual psychology, transpersonal psychology and the conscious focus on aligning mind, body and spirit.  I see my spiritual counseling practice as a direct answer to the need for humans to understand themselves from a spiritual point of view. Spiritual counseling, though not presently a widespread modality, is likely to be as prevalent in our culture as acupuncture, yoga and meditation have become with a transforming effect on humans in the evolutionary process.  Spiritual counseling helps to fill the void between where we have been and where we are going as a species.  Yes, it’s that important.

Little did I realize, when I started my practice, how needed spiritual counseling is in our present awakening process. Humans have always sought to connect with a life force that many call God, Prana, Source Energy or a number of different names, and recent swell of people on a journey of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment have added a whole new dimension to this reality.  Anthropologist tell us that this seeking connection to the spiritual world is one of the most consistent of human tendencies in the past and present cultures.  The reasons for this seeking are as varied as the names for this life force. What I find in my spiritual counseling practice is that everyone who walks through my door understands, on some level, that they want to learn how to focus on that aspect of their human existence and that they have suffered from the lack of that focus.  They have something that knows they are out of sync with authentic life and I help them to see that because they know this, it is proof that they already possess the most crucial ingredient to their unease. The answer is within the seeking.

My form of counseling has an end in mind and that is that my client discovers their ability to handle any situation with ease and grace. I point them to them. Most do not go willingly. It becomes a joke, in fact, between me and my clients. Humans want freedom from the haunting patterns that undermine grace and ease in their lives and they are simultaneously terrified of that freedom.  They do not see themselves as trustworthy because they have been trained in a thousand ways to depend on external confirmation and to hide their magic and light. And yet, there is something that wants to create, break away from the norm, and align with their fullest capability. The rub of that contrast gets them to me and I hold the certainty of their worth until they lay down their resistance and own their right to their magnificence.

The groups that I have created and facilitated over the years has proven to me over and over that humans benefit greatly from observing the transcendence of other humans. In the Ape world, a group might benefit from observing a stick being used as a tool to retrieve termites from a termite mound. In the human world, a group might benefit from observing an individual in the group discover her power within a marriage. They might gain the strength to leave a dysfunctional friendship by having observed someone else in the group finding the clarity to do the same. Someone in the group gets in touch with their entrepreneurial talent by being a witness to a group-mate’s decision to start a business after years of suffering from low self-confidence and self-judgment. Being in the physical presence of someone claiming their dignity and their true nature cannot be met by any of our technology.

Humans are waking up to their true possibility and I simply stand in the gap to get them to their true nature. The huge shifts in consciousness that occur in my office and in my groups, is adding to the evolutionary process that is presently happening in real and observable time. One decision to claim the light within us changes families, work-life and our human interaction in ways that are measured by clarity, joy and a sense of ease. It is also measured by the huge upswing in people finding new ways to make a difference in the lives of other people.          

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