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Membership Fees

Partner Best for a 2-person Practice


Per Year
  • 2/3 Page Print Listing

  • Event Marketing
  • Submit Articles
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Exclusive Networking Events
  • Discounted Advertising
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Group Best for multiple practitioners


Per Year
  • Full Page Print Listing

  • Event Marketing
  • Submit Articles
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Exclusive Networking Events
  • Discounted Advertising
Become a Group Member!

Secure payments via PayPal

Supporting Best for non-health practitioners


Contribution (Per Year)
  • Directory Listing

  • Limited Event Marketing
  • Submit Articles
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Exclusive Networking Events
  • Discounted Advertising
Make a Donation!

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Any donation amount accepted, but only those who donate $65 or more are considered Supporting Members.

Questions about renewing?

Renewing as a member is basically the same as joining.

  1. Select at which level of membership you wish to renew
  2. Submit payment
  3. On the "thank you page", select the Renewing Member Form to submit any updates you wish to make to your profile.

Benefits of HAA Membership

When you become a member of the Healing Arts Alliance, you have access to the following benefits.

  • Directory Listings

    The combination of our printed directory and online member listings makes it easier for you to get discovered.

  • Event Marketing

    Submit your classes, workshops and events to us and we will add them to our calendar and share them with our email subscribers and followers.

  • Exclusive Networking Events

    Most businesses run on word of mouth. Our exclusive networking events are a great way to build connections with other practitioners for organic business growth through trusted referrals.

  • Discounted Advertising

    Stand out and reach even more potential clients with advertisements! Members get a substantial discount when advertising with HAA.

  • Expert Exposure

    Each month HAA offers educational events for the general public, where our members are the presenters. These opportunities allow our members to showcase their expertise while building new relationships.

How Our Members Contribute to HAA

We’re a non-profit organization with a big heart, and a very small staff of volunteers. Therefore, we ask that our members contribute when they can in the following ways:

  • Directory Distribution

    By helping to distribute the printed HAA directories our members are helping themselves as well as others who share their mission as holistic health & wellness practitioners.

  • Barter Bank

    Members are encouraged to donate services (as often as once a year) to the barter bank which helps us compensate volunteers and contractors. This is a great way to gain raving fans while supporting HAA.

  • Share Knowledge

    We also encourage members to support HAA’s monthly educational efforts by speaking at events or submitting written articles for the website.

  • Share Events

    Help us keep the public informed about health & wellness events by submitting your classes, workshops and events to us to share via our calendar, email lists and social media.

How are HAA funds used?

  • Labor & Compensation (47%)
  • Printing (39%)
  • Marketing (9%)
    • Promotion (5%)
    • Events (2%)
    • Website (2%)
  • Administrative Costs (5%)
    • Refunds (3%)
    • Bank Fees (1%)
    • Postage (<1%)
    • Taxes (<1%)
    • Fees, Dues & Permits (<1%)
    • Office Supplies (<1%)

Overview of HAA Expenses

Labor & Compensation
Events, Website & Marketing
Administrative Costs

The Healing Arts Alliance is a section 501(c)(6) organization. Contributions or gifts to the organization are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income purposes, but may be deductible as business expenses. Please check with your tax advisor for more information.

Membership Details
  • The HAA membership year is January 1st - December 31st, with membership renewals accepted January 1st - March 31st of the year.
  • Members who do not renew by March 31st will end their benefits on that date.
  • Only members who join or renew between January 1st and March 31st, and meet our content submission deadlines, will be included in our printed directory (which is published in June each year).
  • Members who join or renew between April 1st and December 31st will receive all of the member benefits except being in the printed directory.
  • If you prefer to pay by check, please mail it to us at: P.O. Box 181233 Tallahassee, FL 32303-2747 (Please note: your membership will not be considered active until the payment has been processed.)