The Alchemist’s Path Workshop | Abundance Wellness Center

August 11, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Abundance Wellness Center
325 John Knox Rd.
Building T, Tallahassee FL
Oswaldo Mora
(919) 808-9114

The Alchemist’s Path Workshop | Abundance Wellness Center

Oswaldo Mora, Shaman of Hawaiian techniques, is committed to the harmonious development of evolution through conscious love. He is in Tallahassee for a limited time, and would like to offer the following workshop to the community. Please see additional information for more on his work.

We are like seeds in the earth, with roots extending down, and now it is time for us to break through the surface and reach towards the light. Once we are connected to the light, we grow and flourish.As we reach towards the light on the Alchemist’s path, we move through the chakras in a particular pattern, to renew the information in each chakra, and the path of energy flow. In doing so, we take the following steps: we leave behind the inner confusion of the past; renew our values and unique qualities; connect with our soul’s intention and bring this into the heart; move to pure expression of this combination; connect this deeply into our own inner “universe”; and finally, we bring the path to completion and full expression through the self.

At the beginning of the workshop we will work with numerology in order for each person to identify their individual frequency, which will inform the rest of the work.

Please bring food to share, we will break for lunch together. Please wear comfortable clothing, but no dark colors.

Feel free to contact Oswaldo with any questions you may have – 919-808-9114.

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