The Great Organic Debate with Christine White – December 11, 2018

HAA Event Summary:

The Healing Arts Alliance would like to thank our December Presenter, Christine J. White for her very valuable talk on Healthy Living and Healthy Eating!!
Christine was trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Her dedication to healthy eating is especially tangible from her experience of raising her 10 year daughter with the principles of good nutrition.  The need for this information can be seen everywhere with the raise in Childhood Obesity. A particular focus is helping families raise healthy children.
"Re-embracing" the kitchen as a place to share the love it takes to buy & prepare good food is an integral part of healthy living.
To help conserve our Grocery Dollars, it helps to know which foods are most at risk for Pesticide Residue, the "Dirty Dozen", and the least offenders, the "Clean Fifteen" (  In this way we can use our Organic Foods Budget to the best advantage.
"Naturally Grown" is also a valuable designation for growers who do an excellent job but may not be able to meet the organic standards.
Christine can be reached as a Nutrition Health Coach:
f CoachChristineWhite

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