Encouraging Emotional Beauty with Kate Taluga – August 14, 2018

HAA Event Summary:

The Healing Arts Alliance would like to thank Kate Taluga of Guided by Heart for her delightful presentation, "Encouraging Emotional Beauty."

"What motivates you?" This was the key question to begin Kate's talk and the introduction to "...connect to something bigger than ourselves."

Using creative objects and visualization, participants were guided to look inward for qualities to nurture courage and love.  A useful technique to reframe our Emotional Set Point: switch an emotion from "I am to I feel..."

Kate was able to give particular insight into the minds and actions of young adults and children from her many years as the Director of After School Programs at SAS, the School of Arts and Science.  Also as a member of LOSS, Local Outreach for Suicide Survivors.

Kate is a LMT, herbalist and aromatherapist.

She can be reached at:
850-627-1715, or  850-567-3705

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