Drugless Innovations in Injury and Pain Relief: An Introduction to Quintessential Applications | Dr. Kerry McCord’s Presentation Summary

Thank you Dr. Kerry McCord for a wonderful presentation!

Event Summary & Notes

The Healing Arts Alliance would like to thank Dr. Kerry McCord for his lively, engaging presentation of Applied Kinesiology that he offered on Tuesday, Nov 14th.

Also represented was Injury Recall Technique, IRT, a technique for releasing past traumas. Henry Hall, founding HAA member and Licensed Nutritionist, was on hand to give a real life example of the benefits he had received from his experience of IRT. Additional information can be accessed by texting IRT to 919-729-6200.

Dr. McCord demonstrated his Applied Kinesiology process with two of the folks present, using a series of movements, pressure, and tapping. Participants reported relief from a knee injury for the first volunteer and relief of "stabbing pain" from a toe injury for the second.

It's always important to note that all of these positive effects were accomplished with benign Non-Drug Therapies, rather than pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or drugs!!

Dr. McCord is a specialist in and a certified teacher of Applied Kinesiology (AK). He can be reached through the HAA Website, or his own: http://allstressedup.com

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