Clearing with InnerSpeak™ by Jean Adrienne – May 8, 2018

About This Event

The Healing Arts Alliance would like to thank our Evening Education Series Presenter, Jean Adrienne.

Jean has been practicing her extensive wellness techniques, Innerspeak, since 2002.  She uses kinesiology, or muscle testing, to help develop the body's inner voice.
This is to create "clearing" for whatever is holding someone back to move them down their path.

She tells us that 90% of removing blockage is forgiveness.  "We come here to learn about love."

There are many supportive materials, and lessons on line, including her card deck to help understand your own background and where it leads you.

Read more about HAA member Jean Adrienne:

On the Second Tuesday of each month, the Healing Arts Alliance hosts a lively evening of social networking and education. Each meeting, we feature an exciting topic presented by a member of our network. Presentations are sure to expand your knowledge and understanding of the healing arts. All Second Tuesday Meetings are free and open to the public. HAA Members are invited to bring business cards and flyers to share with the group.


St. Stephen Lutheran Church 2198 N Meridian Rd., Tallahassee, FL 32303


Jean Adrienne

Date & Time:

May 8, 2018 (Tuesday) @ 6:30 PM
This event was FREE and open to the public.

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