A Gateway to Change, Nia with Valerie Sanchez – June 26, 2018

Lunch and Learn Presentation Highlights:

June’s lunch and learn attendees enjoyed an experiential workshop presented by Valerie Sanchez, Certified Nia Technique® Teacher and Founder of Groove and Wellness, on “A Gateway to Change: Learn how thousands of Nia Technique® practitioners use movement to calm the mind, manage stress and to strengthen the nervous system.” The presentation was held at the Capital Regional Conference Center on June 26.

After leading us in a meditation exercise, Valerie showed us a video to illustrate how Nia® combines three kinds of art - healing arts, martial arts and dance arts - to tune in to the needs of the body, mind and spirit. She explained that Nia® tones the body while transforming the mind and it keeps the nervous system healthy by doing new things and by performing actions in a diverse order. Change helps us grow and thrive.

She invited each of us to introduce ourselves and share our relationship with change on a 1-10 scale. In addition to assigning a number value to our comfort level with change, many shared insightful observations on the complexities that shape our response to change. Valerie noted nine important ways that Nia conditions the mind and develops the body-mind connection through four types of conditioning.

As reinforced by audience members who had experienced Valerie’s Nia classes, when movement feels good, we are naturally motivated to incorporate it in our daily life. If we think of physical fitness as a painful and exhausting chore, we become disinclined toward movement. However, we eagerly embrace physical activity that is exhilarating, expressive and healing.

Find more information at www.grooveandwellness.com  and on the Healing Arts Alliance website: https://healingartsalliance.org/members/valerie- sanchez/

The free Lunch and Learn series is brought to you by the Healing Arts Alliance at Capital Regional Medical Center. All are welcome. Mark your calendar to join us for the next program on August 28, noon to 1pm. Bring your lunch and prepare to be inspired.

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