About HAA

The Healing Arts Alliance is a network of health care practitioners who offer conventional and complementary or alternative services. We serve to connect clients and patients with healthcare professionals through our printed Directory of Members and Health Services, this web site, and our educational programs. We share a commitment to a whole person, patient-centered approach to health and wellness.

Each year, we publish a printed Directory of Members and Health Sevices that is distributed free throughout the Big Bend area of North Florida, South Georgia, and beyond. Since we published our first directory in 2001, we have grown to over 100 members. We appreciate the support of our members, advertisers, and those who recognize the value of our mission.

To view the Healing Arts Alliance 2016 - 2017 Directory of Integrative & Holistic Health Care Providers in a pdf format, click the following link: 2016 - 2017 Printed Directory. The 2016 - 2017 print directory is now available. The 2015 - 2016 printed directory will available in a few locations for a limited time.

HAA Board of Directors

2016 - 2017 HAA BoardStanding, from left: Susie Howell (President), Ryan Sullivan (Secretary),
Arielle Raff (Administrative Director), Rene Luna (Board Member), Pat Dudley-Gregory (Treasurer).
Seated: Angie Prather (Webmaster), Leslie Hanks (Vice President), Carol Cunningham
(Board Member).

HAA is an educational and professional organization founded in 1999. The heart of our service is assisting people in choosing an effective blend of options to treat disease, heal illness, and promote health. The Healing Arts Alliance is committed to respecting the diversity of approaches that our members represent.

Education, Networking, Outreach
HAA presents a variety of approaches to health and wellness. At our monthly meetings, health care professionals share expertise about current practices, options, and research.

Speakers Bureau: Many Alliance members are available to make presentations on request.

Workshops/Seminars: HAA members present a variety of approaches to health and wellness in classes for the public, as well as continuing education for healthcare professionals.

Note to Readers:
Information contained in this directory is to be used only as a guide to selecting services and not for diagnostic purposes. HAA does not endorse any member or advertiser appearing in this publication.



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