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Tallahassee Chinese Medicine and Community Acupuncture

Liz Rawls, AP, RN; Craig Thomas, DOM, AP; Tamara Weinstein, AP, LMT


Tallahassee Chinese Medicine – Dr. Craig (AP2406) specializes in treating Women’s Health Issues from PMS to Menopause, Male and Female Fertility Issues, Chronic Pain including Migraines, Joint Pain, and Low Back Pain/Sciatica, Digestive Imbalances including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Sleep Disorders, and Stress/Anxiety/Depression.

Community Acupuncture Clinic • Herbs/Supplements, Clinical Massage Therapy, and Clinical Shiatsu – The Community Acupuncture Clinic offers professional acupuncture on a SLIDING SCALE of $15 - $35 per treatment. The patient decides what to pay; no proof of income required. Clinic treatments are done in a relaxing, group setting. Specializing in women’s health, stress relief, and chronic pain, and using an integrative approach to care, Tallahassee Chinese Medicine can help complement your overall health strategy. If you have migraines, irregular cycles, male/female infertility, chronic pain, insomnia, painful periods, PMS, stress, or a need for injury recovery, acupuncture can help.

Oriental Medicine – Dr. Tamara (AP3508, LMT0005514) offers treatment and support for those experiencing Inflammation/pain, Immobility, and Digestive Maladies; Stress/Anxiety/Depression, Addiction, Sleep Disorders, and PTSD; as well as challenges around such issues as Sense of Purpose, Direction, and Contentment in the Life. Your treatment may include acupuncture, moxibustion, bodywork, counseling, nutritional therapy, and various movement modalities to free up the body. Classical Chinese Medicine seeks to strengthen a person’s core health, thus causing symptoms expressing as imbalance to resolve.

Acupuncture in Tallahassee – Dr. Liz (AP3213, RN3416212) addresses Musculo-skeletal difficulties, Neuropathies, fasciitis, inflammation, pain, range of motion issues, auto-immune disorders, support for AIDS, Lupus, Neuro-fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s Syndrome, digestive disorders, skin issues, mental/emotional challenges. She uses such modalities as acupuncture, nutritional therapy, Chinese herbs, cupping, and essential oils. Come work with Elizabeth as she helps guide you to health, with love, compassion, and encouragement. She sees you as your genuine self with non-judgment, meets you where you are, and walks with you toward wholeness and balance. Both Dr. Liz and Dr. Craig work in the Community Acupuncture Clinic.


Tallahassee Chinese Medicine

Craig Thomas, DOM, AP


Visit: www.TallahasseeChineseMedicine.com for more info, to make an appointment, read recent research articles on Dr. Craig’s blog, and to get details regarding the Community Acupuncture Clinic.


Oriental Medicine

Tamara Weinstein, AP, LMT


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Acupuncture in Tallahassee

Elizabeth Rawls, AP, RN


Visit: Facebook.com/AcupunctureInTallahassee for educational content and acupuncture in the news.


Tallahassee Chinese Medicine

2419 Fleischmann Road, Suite 3
Tallahassee, FL 32308


Professional Abbreviations: DOM, LMT, AP, RN


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