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The Medical Healing Center, LLC

Integrative Primary Care Practice

Under the care of:
Angela Myers, ARNP-C 858902
Eric Myers, BS,, Biofeedback Therapist
Susan Corley, ARNP-C, 9238985
Maggie Blackburn, MD, ME99422
Kirck Mauro, MD, ME066574
Melanie Barton Bragg, LCSW, SW9899
Suzanne Humphrey, Business Director

Are you interested in a different approach to health care, one that really works? Here at the Medical Healing Center, we view the human body as a whole body, mind, and spirit, and as an energy-driven, energy-sensitive system that interacts constantly with an ever-changing environment.

We offer a holistic/functional approach to healing provided through integrative medicine. We shift the principal treatment focus away from symptoms to evaluating immunopathologies, functional imbalances, vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, genetic predispositions, toxic exposures, detox pathologies, the body terrain, and any occurring pathogenicities. We also evaluate emotional traumas, brain imbalances, and energetic imbalances. Throughout this healing process, the spiritual realm of the body is supported. When these are corrected, the body begins to function optimally to relieve symptoms and restore health.

(Pictured, from left: Eric Myers, Angela Myers, Susan Corley, and Maggie Blackburn, MD).

We offer the following services to assist in evaluation and treatment:

  • Chelation is used for heavy metal toxicity which is an underlying cause of decreasing health in our society. We use several chelators: EDTA, DMPS, and DMSA.
  • QXCI/SCIO assists health practitioners to find energetic imbalances and health issues occurring in humans and animals. Our biofeedback therapist is also trained to correct geopathic stress in land and houses.
  • Homeopathy, the science of healing within, works with us, not on us. Homeopathy encourages and maximizes our innate biological intelligence for cure.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is excellent for brain injuries (stroke, dizziness, autism), diabetic and peripheral neuropathy, and poor wound healing. HBOT also increases immune function, and helps treat anaerobic pathogens. Healing occurs 30 percent faster.
  • Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Therapy are used for deficiencies and for people with chronic illnesses, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia to enhance mitochondrial function and the immune system, and to increase energy.

We offer IVs such as UBI, Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide and many other alternative IV therapies We also offer Prolozone Injections for pain. We have a variety of health consultants on our treatment team and offer other treatment modalities at our clinic. We invite you to let us assist you with your healing process in a loving, joyful environment.


The Medical Healing Center, LLC

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