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FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center of Tallahassee

Rene Luna, Joni Macri


Rene Luna (PT 10621) has been practicing Physical Therapy for 25 years, taking him all over the country into various clinical settings. Rene specializes in manual therapy and geriatric rehabilitation, solving many musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms with his comprehensive approach and proven techniques.

A 1992 graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Joni Macri (PT 7839) is especially skilled in the areas of spinal cord injury, low back (sacroiliac), general orthopedic conditions and joint replacement.


Let’s get FYZICAL! Here you experience a whole-body approach to physical therapy. Tailored programs are delivered by trained staff who shower you with personalized service. They take pride in helping clients regain control of their health, vitality, and independence.

Operating in Tallahassee since 2003 as R&R Physical Therapy, they joined the national franchise FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers in 2013. Clinic director Rene Luna, PT, leads a caring team dedicated to a special mission: fall prevention! Suffer from vertigo, dizziness, or poor balance? They uncover the cause and often can treat it onsite for immediate relief. Using specialized equipment that supports patient safety and stability, the staff addresses orthopedic, balance, and neurological problems with measurable results. People of all ages and abilities can reap the benefits of their services.

A state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that measures the health of your muscles, joints, nervous system, and overall functionality, BODYQ™ (http://www.mybodyq.com) is a proactive approach to identify imbalances, deficits, and injury potential. Mention this listing for 50% off the regular price of $199 for your BODYQ™ evaluation (expires May 2018).

Are you at risk for falling, or is your loved one at risk? Schedule your free fall risk assessment and ignite a plan of action to restore your balance.


“I HAVE MY LIFE BACK AND IT IS A MIRACLE!!! I would highly recommend FYZICAL… for anyone suffering with body pain, stiffness, and in my case, a frozen arm.” (J.A.)

“FYZICAL has made a dramatic difference in my health and my life. I came with vertigo so severe that I couldn’t walk without holding onto things and using a cane. Today, I walk without assistance. I have been just amazed at the healing that takes place at FYZICAL.” (D.K.)

“Because I had this BODYQ™, I now have a map that will help me establish goals to improve in the areas of concern… It’s a great tool for anyone to know exactly where they’re at so they can plan to age in a healthy and functional way.” (M.M.)


As PR Rep, Caroline Collins promotes FYZICAL’s valuable services to providers and community. Come on in to meet the staff and energetic interns!



FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center of Tallahassee

1818 Miccosukee Commons Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32308


(850) 656-3163


Email: tally@FYZICAL.com


Visit: http://www.FYZICAL.com/tallahassee


Licenses: PT 10621, PT 7839


On Facebook: www.facebook.com/FyzicalTally


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